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Live Life to its Fullest

What Would You Say?

Studies continue to show that exercising gratitude leads to better sleep, improved interpersonal relationships, better stress and hormonal regulation, and even reduced physical pain. While gratitude is not a magic cure, it is for mental health what vegetables are for physical health: underrated and sometimes difficult to swallow. One reason could be that a central belief of the modern world is expressive individualism, a philosophy which tells us to be true to ourselves above all. After all, if our lives and success are ultimately self-created, who have we to thank? But throughout the Psalms, the way of life for God’s people is remembering the good and faithful work God has done on their behalf without ignoring the evil done by their enemies.   Ultimately, gratitude “works” because it is a true response of a creature to Creator. Gratitude helps us see life clearly and to live it to its fullest.